Measuring happiness is a tough feat when the majority of the world is at the mercy of a contagious pandemic that is wreaking havoc on every aspect of daily life. With the unemployment rate soaring to 11%, it is natural for dejection to set in.

But even with the world seemingly coming to a halt, life miraculously goes on. And, so must we.

According to the curious World Happiness Index, the U.S. dropped down seven places on the happiness scale to Rank 18, ever since the report was first published in 2012. This is an understandable result, what with the country having the highest infection rate in the world, coupled with general terror of job and life loss. However, with all the stresses faced by foreign workers and students in America, the country stands to take a leaf out of their book too. Specifically, there are life lessons to be learnt from Finland -- whose inhabitants, despite their characteristic stiff upper lip, have won the title of the happiest country in the world.

Contrary to popular belief, happiness isn’t about the intensity of expressing oneself positively (also called “the smile factor”), reports The New York Times. “Rather, it is a measure of general satisfaction with life and, more important, the confidence that one lives in a place where people take care of one another,” John F. Helliwell, an editor of the annual happiness report, informed the publication. The concept of shared action is the biggest takeaway from the Finns. It was their key that unlocked a quick and effective response to COVID-19.

The QuickieJobs team is built on the premise of collective action too. The stress of job hunting is softened by pooling employment resources. If the previous stories in the International series drove home the idea that life’s an uphill battle for the marginalized, this final installment is proof that QuickieJobs looks out for them. There is a job for every individual no matter their location. The service is solution-driven, so the most important act for the masses is to simply try. Even though the pandemic is a temporary problem, evergreen solutions will be presented. Now that the dilemma is understood, QuickieJobs wants to resonate with people who feel the same frustrations. Jobs are tougher than ever to find since American unemployment is at a record high. So, remote work is also curated for professionals, given the dangers of traveling to work in the current climate.

It is important to remember that the country is suffering from a loss of faith not only in higher authorities but also in the self. Jeffrey D. Sachs, a professor at Columbia University and director of the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network even goes on to tell the Times: “It’s part of what’s deteriorated in the United States. This idea that we’re all in this together. That’s really being tested. We’re going to have to find that common sense of shared responsibility to pull through the crisis.” QuickieJobs is prepared to answer the call to action.

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