With American unemployment at an all-time high and a hiring freeze in place, it is more essential than ever for the economy to grow. Stagnancy in revenue and service due to the global pandemic is preventing numerous companies from reaching their full potential. This is where QuickieJobs strives to be the answer. Even though the pandemic is a temporary problem, we want to present evergreen solutions. It is more vital than ever to act collectively and compassionately.

By identifying two groups who are perennially in need of work (lower-income individuals who are skilled in essential work, and fresh college graduates), we aim to lessen the weight on employers' shoulders. But we also accommodate all groups in between using ethical data curation. The QuickieJobs team will partner with hiring and key community managers to ensure benefits for both the employer and the employee.

But the first stepping stone to this destination is by signing up to notify the masses. This helps us understand what you're looking for in terms of hiring. Our services also extend to remote work because we understand the dangers that come with traveling to work in the current climate. Signing up allows us to curate jobs according to skill and geographical requirements, so that you can find the perfect match for the job.

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